Our bodies are very capable of cleansing on its own, but nowadays we are so surrounded by chemicals, pollutants and impurities in our food and our environment that our body cannot keep up with the rapid rate of toxification that is taking place. Even if everything you eat, use and consume is organic, it is hard to avoid indirectly consuming these toxins which are all around us, in the air, the water, soaps, air fresheners, perfumes, our food, cleaning products etc. We may be living a healthy llifestyle right now, though for many of us we have a past of bad health choices abd habits that our body is still trying to eliminate from our system.

Good news is, we can assist our body in its natural ability to cleanse itself, and juice cleansing is one of the most powerful ways to do this! By fasting from solid foods, we give our body the space it needs to be able to heal and to cleanse itself of inorganic materials and to finally begin removing the undigested waste matter (from wrong food choices) that is lining our intestines. This waste matter (mucoiud plaque) is where disease and bacteria grow and is what prevents us from absorbing all the nutrients from our food.

Juice cleansing is a huge step towards reversing disease in the body (and mind)! You'll be cleansing, rebuilding, re-hydrating, and alkalizing the body, boosting your body's natural detoxification system, flooding your system with nutrients and allowing your body to redirect its energy into healing and cleansing.

Our juices stay with the highest nutritional content for 3 days after it is made. They will last an additional 2-5 days stored properly in the fridge, though they will begin to change flavour and lessen in their nutritional value. We recommend to drink them within 3 days so you can get the most medicinal benefit.

The only rule is if you have a celery juice, drink this first on an empty stomach and wait at least 40 minutes before consuming anything else (water, juice, tea etc). All other juices can be consumed in any order

Short answer is unfortunately no.

Currently I am in Tulum and for anyone who has been here for some time knows that organic produce is hard to come by. It is possible to obtain if you are just feeding a couple of people, but in order to have a consistent supply of produce so I can offer to you the service that I do every day of the week doesn't seem to be possible here. I tried! I was in contact with all the suppliers I could find, but I just couldn't figure out how to make it work. I wash the produce thoroughly and prepare each juice with love

Some people do, some don't. The first 2-3 days the cravings can be strong because we are so used to our normal eating routine. From day three onwards it usually becomes easier.

Mostly our craving to eat is not out of nourishment but out of habit, boredom or an emotional response. If you are feeling hungry or have the desire to eat, drink more liquids! Lemon water, coconut water, juice, herbal tea are all perfect. Up the liquids, rest when you can, occupy your mind, watch a juice fasting documentary, do some yoga and breathwork, go for a walk, get out in nature, remember your WHY! All of these things help to change the momentum of your mind when you find yourself dreaming about food 😉

But most importantly, you know your body better than anyone. If you are really feeling it is time to eat and fasting from solid food is no longer serving you, listen to that! And then with gratitude and appreciation for how far you've come and for taking the step to prioritise your health and wellbeing, thoroughly enjoy that first piece of fruit!

Before you break your fast, have a read through my cleansing guide on the right way to ease back into food.

This is a topic that many touch on a lot better than I ever could. Namely Anthony William - Medical Medium, and Robert Morse.

Have a read of Dr. Robert Morse's post entitled Myths and Medical Mediums post on Fruit Fear. Below I have highlighted some of the points made by Medical Medium:

"Sugar, while it may sound like an enemy to avoid because of our conditioning, actually runs every single cell in our body, especially our brain. It’s just a matter of having the right kind of sugar that’s found in fresh fruits and high-carbohydrate vegetables like potatoes, sweet potatoes, and winter squashes".

".....fruit is in fact the most important food group to consume in order to protect you and your loved ones from chronic illness and a lifetime of unnecessary suffering. As I will explain further below, fruit not only prevents illness, it slows down aging, kills off pathogens, and heals our bodies on a cellular level. When we are told to fear fruit, we are essentially being told to avoid the very thing that will bring us the most life. There is so much misinformation surrounding fruit that is essential to debunk for the sake of yours and your family’s health and well-being".

"The most ironic part about people being afraid of fruit, due to the misinformation as well as the discomfort they may experience when too much fat is in their diet, is that the very thing they are avoiding is what is going to make them feel better. Fruit will not make you fat; it may help you lose weight. Fruit does not cause acne; it helps heal you from the bacteria that causes it. Fruit does not cause indigestion; it is running into the fat lining the interior of the intestine. Fruit does not cause diabetes; it is the fat that is blocking the sugar from getting into the cells and creating insulin resistance. Fruit does not cause brain fog; it can help you have a clear mind because your brain actually runs on sugar and is made of glucose. When it comes to fruit, there truly is nothing to be afraid of. It is your ally, your best friend, your healer, and your savior. "

Caffeine is something to avoid when cleansing. Unfortunately I would say to avoid at all times (I know, I don't want to believe it either!) but definitely while you are cleansing your system of toxins and giving your body a rest. Caffeine dyhdrates the body and triggers your fight or flight system putting strain on your adrenals and ultimately wearing them down. Caffeine is also a strain on the liver weakening it's ability to process and distribute nutrients to the body.

With juice cleansing we are aiming to give the body a rest so it can cleanse and heal, re-hydrate, reset and begin functioning in its most natural way. Caffeine will disrupt this process and hinder the true healing transformation that could otherwise take place.

Medical Medium explains it best here.

Yes you can and many do, though I recommend starting your cleanse over the weekend or when you have a couple of days off work. It is hard to predict how you will feel on those first couple of days, but mostly you might want to rest and your mind won't be as sharp so it is to your advantage if you begin your cleanse when you have a little down time.

While cleansing (after the first couple of days) most people experience higher energy levels and increased mental clarity so it actually makes working easier! The inconvenience being that you may need to use the bathroom often. If your work involves expending a lot of energy, you may need to up your juice intake. You will know that you need to consume more juice if you are feeling low energy or weak.

Juicing specifically takes the fiber out of the food but still provides you with a concentrated dose of nutrients, enzymes, amino acids, minerals, antioxidants and alkaline water. The idea behind juice fasting is to give your body a rest from the constant digesting of food. This is why we drink pure fresh juice as it takes minimal energy for the body to process and at the same time floods your body with all the energy and vitamins you need to go about your normal daily activity. The less energy your body uses to digest food, the more energy it has to redirect into cleansing and healing.

The food industry has been very succesful in it's great efforts to have us believe that our body needs more protein than it actually does. The proteins which our body can recognise and actually use are mostly found in leafy greens, fruits and vegetables. By consuming a variety of juices you will be consuming protein throughout the whole day. If you are extra worried about the protein content, then consume more green juices as the raw spinach contains a great deal. Specifically carrot and spinach juice with a 50/50 ratio will give you a lot of protein! I would be very happy to add this to your cleanse, just let me know.

I understand protein is a controversial and confusing topic with an abundant of information out there all telling us different protein 'truths'. My knowledge and understanding of protein has come from Dr. Robert Morse and those I mention on my resources page.

Medical Medium has a good post about protein and also speaks extensively about it in his book Liver Rescue.

The first few days it is best to take it easy as your body is adapting to what is likely a huge change. Yoga, walking, qigong or other light exercise light exercise during this time (and all times) is perfect.

If you are doing a longer cleanse, you'll notice from around day four your energy will begin to rise and this is when people begin slowly introducing their normal exercise back into their day. Though take it slowly and feel how your body reacts. If you are feeling too weak or unable to exercise properly, you may need to increase your juice intake or you may need to take a more gradual approach. Like with everything in this process listen to YOUR body. Everyones healing journey and what their body needs to heal is unique to them. If you are tired, rest. If you have a lot of energy and you want to exercise, then exercise. The most important thing is to listen to YOUR body and honour where it is at every day.

Yes you can! I would recommend not going any longer than 10 days to begin with. You will get skinnier (depending how long you cleanse for) and ultimately you have to be okay with that. Once you begin to eat solid foods again, your body will gain any necessary weight back. Through cleansing you will be assisting your body to remove any obstructions that are preventing you from gaining weight in the first place. If you struggle to gain weight (or lose weight), you must first detox to remove these obstructions to release the resistance from your body in achieving your goals whether that be weight gain, weight loss or building muscle.

Dr. Robert Morse speaks about this often. I highly recommend checking out his YouTube channel, his website and his teachings. Excessive Thinness is one video he does on this topic.

I am not a doctor, I have no medical qualifications and I have not undertaken any offical nutritional studies.

Everything I offer to you is based on my own personal experience, from the teachings of Robert Morse, Arnold Ehret, The Gerson Institute, John Rose, Herbert Shelton and Medical Medium and from the experiences of others who have healed themselves through juice fasting and by following the protocols taught by those mentioned above.

Opinions are divided on this question between the medical experts and the raw food community. I would recommend checking in with your OB GYN before undertaking a juice only cleanse while pregnant or breast feeding. Also I would recommend to have a look at the books and the findings from the people I mention on my resources page.

Sure you can but it is not necessary as the juices will be flooding your body with vitamins, minerals and antioxiants. If you are able to, get in the sun every day for your vitamin D. And of course you can continue to take B12 if you need, though let me tell you a secret.... The main reason we need to take vitamins and supplements is because our bodies are not absorbing all the nutrients from our food and/or we are eating the wrong foods. The more we clean out our body and rid ourselves of all the old undigested waste matter (mucoid plaque) that is lining our intestinal tract, the more nutrients we can absorb from our food. Combine better absorption with loads of fruits and vegetables and fresh juices = all the vitamins and nutrients we need = no more supplementss!

Have a read of The Supplementation Myth by detox specialist Hilde Larsen

However often you like! There is no limit here except to listen to your body and what it needs. Sometimes you know that you need to eat, other times you know that juice is all you need. Apart from the longer cleansing periods, I recommend incorporating one day of juice fasting every week (two if you're game).

Please check in with your doctor or primary care advisor before you take part in a juice cleanse if you have any medical concerns.

Also I recommend checking out the books and teachings of those I have listed on my resources page.

To receive ultimate cleansing and healing from what I offer, fresh juice is the way to go and will provide you with the best results. But it is up to you at what intensity you would like to cleanse and what feels right for you at this time. Also depending on what your personal goals are will help you to decide in what way you would like to cleanse.

Nuts are not cleansing like fruits and vegetables are, but if you want to use a nut mylk as your evening meal, then that's perfect!Cashew mylk will halt your cleansing as it is not strained like almond mylk, so essentially you are eating half a bottle of cashews just in liquid form. Almond mylk is strained of most of its fiber so it is less work for your body, though it will still definitely slow down your detox process. Basically everything you add into your cleanse, will slow your detox down. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this! Whatever feels right for you at any time, is perfect!

Robert Morse's Levels of detoxification pyramid gives you an indication of the different intensities of cleansing that are available to you.

Have a look in my cleansing guide where I explain this in depth

I have no medical qualifications and I am 99% sure that your doctor would say no.

I cannot recommend what you should do, but I would like to bring your awareness to fact that people are curing themselves of diabetes by undergoing extended juice fasts, and yes those juices contain plenty of fruit! Have a watch of Super Juice Me to gain a different perspective on the possibilities.

Dr. Robert Morse shares his knowledge on Diabetes in two parts. Part 1 & Part 2

Undertake your own research and perhaps reach out to those who are now diabetes free after trying juice fasting, consult with your doctor and find what resonates with you.